A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Rogue robotic rogues from a rival company are trying to steal the data on your company's mainframe.

You are the mainframe's automated defence system, and its last hope...

"It really feels like you're being violated." - Chris Remo 2016

Left click to shoot, right click for EMP, protect your data at all costs! (Shoot blue robots to retrieve data)

This game was made for Wizard Jam 2016 by Sam Richards (@Mythalore), details here: https://www.idlethumbs.net/forums/topic/10913-dev-...


Rogue Robot Rogues V/4.7 (PC/Mac) 39 MB
[OLD] Rogue Robot Rogues V/1 (JAM VERSION) 11 MB


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Another great game! You've got a knack for simple, fast gameplay

Hey, really like the change from when I last played it. Before I coudl last basically forever by shooting in random direction, but that little pause every 3 shots really ratchets up the tension and makes it a way more interesting experience. Great stuff!