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Teleporta is an explorative puzzle platformer about navigating around and moulding levels with nothing but your mind (well and your mouse). The game is still in alpha with a number of mechanics, levels and features missing. However, I am actively developing it and hope to release onto Steam Greenlight with Alpha 3. All new, public updates will be uploaded here and if you have any feedback, (questions, praise, bugs or criticism) feel free to tweet me @Mythalore.

Thanks for playing, any donations are highly appreciated (but not necessary) and will go towards improving the quality of the project.


Change Log.


- First Release


- Reworked Turrets


- 9 Story Driven Levels

- Animated Effects from Certain Tiles

- Animation

- New Powered Tiles (Tile Sensors and Switches)

- Sound FX and Ambient Music

- Many Bug Fixes